Fabulous Woman Magazine’s goal is to build a greater sense of unity amongst women.

Why is it so hard for women to love and support each other?

FWM fervently believes the answer lies in the source of each woman’s sense of worth and security. If a woman finds security within herself, she'll have no reason to distance herself from other women. But if a woman finds security in the things of the world, then she'll have every reason to compete with other sisters rather than to love them.

FWM believes that women are the backbone of communities in which they live. If there's a lack of unity amongst women, society suffers. Women need to take a good look at how they relate to each other. All women should make a concerted effort to reach out to one another and display gestures of friendliness, even if it's just a smile.

Women must unite and stand up for one another! The well-being of society depends on it.

Women Unity is the ethos of the message that Fabulous Woman Magazine aims to spread. Let all women rally around this notion of unity amongst women. It is the responsibility of every woman to spread the word about the cause that Fabulous Woman Magazine and other like-minded publications stand for.

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