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Contrary to the article that appeared on page 4 of Sunday World dated 19th October 2014 with the headline " Zindzi's crib to be sold over arrears", I would like to make the following clarification: -

I am not aware of arrears due to the City of Johannesburg amounting to R1.5 million. The electricity and water were disconnected approximately 6 years ago when reconstruction began on the property after my family and I vacated the premises.

I currently live at the rented house in Sandton and there's no truth to the point that I have vacated due to a long battle with my landlord
I am not in receipt of a letter sent to the Zindzi Mandela Family Trust by a debt collection firm on behalf of the municipality. We demand proof of delivery / receipt to a clearly specified address and equally demand to know how and why the so-called letter was delivered to the Sunday World.

The article further states that Mr. Stanley Maphologela, director of customer communications at the City of Johannesburg said, “The City cannot disclose information about a customer to a third party, in line with our customer agreements or contracts.”

There is no truth to the fact that I had decided to abandon the house because the bill was almost equivalent to the value of the house and neither was the house bought for R2-million in 2000. 

There are no crumbling walls inside the property and plans are underway for the completion thereof. Images published this weekend in the Sunday Times were from photos taken earlier this year.

My family and I are currently seeking legal advice with particular reference to the journalist Aubrey Mothombeni who has stalked and defamed me and my family on more than one occasion, to the extent of trying to access my current residence under false pretenses. Our information from a reliable source is that he left Sunday Sun under dubious circumstances concerning his unethical behavior.          

If Sunday World cannot produce proof of the disputed facts I demand an immediate published retraction failing which our lawyers will be instructed to take the matter to the next level without any further communication. 

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