Book goes viral as International artist beg to get a copy!!!

Jackie Phamotse reinvents the new "it girl philosophy" in a thrilling Book Titled Shattered Innocence.

The newly appointed Father Figures Ambassador alongside Musician Zano Urban, Father Figures SA is a initiative amided at building strong characters of men through the help of woman and the family foundation, Jackie strips down the truths about living in Sandton city. The pressures of living amongst super wealthy people and living out a dream in the city.



The Book series comes as a shock to those who prefer living in the closet about their dirty lifestyles. The book has grabbed attention from many and even International personalities such as Music legends Rulf Gum, Portia Monique and even our Very own Felicia Mabuza who now resides in USA.

Sugar Daddies have become the most relevant accessories for women all over the world   Former Miss Personality South Africa and CEO of Brand Fanatic bears it all in a shocking captivating book.   Shattered Innocence by JACKIE PHAMOTSE This book brings Johannesburg lifestyle to life, the struggle of getting a job, the fame that comes with good connections and powerful social structures.

The ecstasy of having an influential Sugar Daddy that feeds your life style. This book breaks all life rules in that the Author tells it like it is and leaves you speechless but wanting more juice from each chapter. The Author travels with the main character and exposes the lifestyle that a typical “Sandton Girl and Guy” experiences trying to create a name for themselves, the pressures of begin a social butterfly , what sex really means to those you have material power and money to support their over inflated egos.  Golf is more than an expensive sport in the lives of the super-rich… Shattered Innocence is a book for all to read, the Authors creative and brave writing gives the book a lifecycle that millions will relate too. This novel is based on a true life story!  

Note from Author

“I am a firm believer in living for a purpose and this book speaks about life challenges that this generation of young ambitious passionate yet not guided youth face on a daily bases. It is a wakeup call for those who think life is cheap and hard work is not worth it when Sugar Daddies are the new “grants or get out of jail free card.” Some say they are their ministers of good will. This book is meant to restore leadership and perseverance in the new generation of leaders. Fighting for your dream and valuing your self is far better than becoming a high end Prostitute in the arms of a millionaire.”  







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