Are male drivers putting you at risk?

The team commented on a recent article on Express Online, about a study which shows appearance-obsessed men in the UK caused an estimated 2.2 million car crashes in a period of 12 months. It makes one wonder how many similar crashes happens in South Africa?




Some of the causes of the accidents were cited as styling hair, inspecting complexion, pouting and posing, checking teeth, applying facial moisturiser and focusing on their reflections in the mirror.

When asked to comment on the article, Derek Wilson, Head of the free to use car insurance comparison website says, “These actions are not limited to men only, both sexes can act irresponsibly when concentrating on something other than driving. It is imperative that one takes their own safety and the safety of others into consideration when driving. Anything a driver does that takes away their attention on the road could cause an accident, and ultimately impact on their car insurance claims.”

The moral of the story? Pay less attention to you (or the good looking woman in the car next to you) and make sure you have the right car insurance cover. Save on time and the hassle of shopping around for insurance by visiting where you can compare, buy and save on a number of insurance and other financial products, and compare a range of different providers, their prices and benefits. Hippo can then put you in touch with the provider with no commission charged by Hippo. At least 8 out of 10 people could save over R427 per month* on their car insurance by using the website.





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