Review: Toyota Auris XR by TBM

Toyota keeps getting things right in many of their cars and the Auris XR is no different. I know that the new slogan is “Leading the way” but I am tempted to revert to the old “Everything keeps going right” slogan. The latter is eminently true for the Auris as it offers hassle-free driving and is a reliable cruiser on the highway, with the 6th gear coming in handy. I was however dismayed by the lack of grunt and steadiness that you will find in some of its competitors. The ride is too smooth and incredibly light for my liking and almost sleepy for an XR version of the car. I may have been overly exuberant in my driving and expected driving in the likeness of its German rivals in terms of steering feedback and road holding. It certainly looks the part!


Auris XR

Media reports and TV advertisements of this car concentrate too much on looks, which I don’t doubt have improved from the previous models. But it is the interior that definitely impressed. The instrument cluster was simply fabulous and the finishes just right for a well-dressed driver looking for some fun. I particularly liked the satellite navigation and the rear view camera. Quite handy for drivers who easily get lost or are prone to an occasional bumper bash and scuffle when parking. For a fabulous and sporty mom, this car is a dream to drive. Bring on the shades and a scarf, you are ready to rock the world! Caution: You will scare your kids though if you should decide to put the foot down. The car picks up speed quite fast and may lend you in trouble with the authorities.

Pros -  Smooth ride, exquisite interior, handy rear view camera and beautiful exterior
Cons – Lacks grunt (too well mannered)



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