Review: Mini Cooper Paceman by TBM

Let’s get one thing out of the way; I am an avowed fan of Mini Cooper. If you can overlook the biased views in this review, this car is quite a dream to drive. Road handling, grunt, pace (“hence Paceman I guess”), space and downright good looks, this car has got it all. This is not just a Mini Cooper Countryman with minus the two rear doors; this car is in a league of its own! Typical Mini driveability and go kart like handling, this car is extremely comfortable and comes into its own at cruising speeds. I had the pleasure of driving the CooperS version and as most derivatives with the S badge, the Mini Paceman picks up pace extremely quickly in a manner that doesn’t scare the driver too much. The car is composed and delivers the power in a smooth take off that is unparalleled amongst its rivals. For its lack of two rear doors, the car is suitable for a sporty, young and incredibly stylish fabulous woman with a need for speed. The car is a strict four seater (with a clear demarcating track with adjustable cup holders separating the two halves of the car), although I wouldn’t be caught dead in the rear seat as this car begs to be driven or at least be in the front passenger seat!



The test car had a panoramic sunroof and had beautiful mood lighting (in pink!) at night around the interior door handles and centre track which houses the cup holders. Not sure about the other in-car sound system options, but please… please. .. please choose the Harman Kardon speaker system option if you can shell out more cash. It makes THAT much more difference! If you need to zoom from one fabulous night spot to another, you’ll thank me for it as the sound will be divine! The car has style and is absolutely fabulous, and freakishly fast! For long distances, the car is a capable cruiser and WILL land you in trouble with the authorities if you have a heavy foot! But rest assured you will be well composed and fully confident while breaking every traffic law ever written. You won’t even have a hair or makeup out of place when you get to your destination, fast! The interior seating position and ride height is quite high but will be reassuring for the vertically challenged. Nothing beats this rendition of the MINI for fun, style, looks and speed. The only option missing was the satellite navigation system (optional extra) and you will be in heaven. If you love the Mini CooperS, you will definitely love the Mini CooperS Paceman. It has presence and space without compromising any of the traditional Mini qualities we all love! Faultless and fabulous!

Pros – perfect road handling, steady, comfortable, speed and oh so gorgeous!
Cons – rear legroom (if you have tall passengers), strict four-seater (sorry you can’t squeeze an extra friend!)



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