Review: Jeep Wrangler by TBM

Fabulous women come in all guises. The tag conjures up an image of well-manicured nails, perfectly coiffured hairstyles, designer outfits and dainty shoes. All these are spot on but there is a bit of rough, rugged and dirty in all of us. That wake up and go side that cares nothing about what the world perceives but a yearning to do something natural and get au fait or re-acquainted with the dirt of growing up. It is with this slight grin at the back of my mind that I conjured up a trip to Mpumalanga for the Jeep Wrangler. Family ready.. check! Brute ready for a test .. check! Destination as difficult as a manicured lady can manage .. check! The brute turns out to be a well-behaved and mannered Jeep Wrangler which is ready to make even the dirtiest of tasks seems like a walk in the park.



With a commanding position high above all other cars, I feel confident that I can tackle any terrain with ease. The Kruger National Park seemed like a good idea and a true test of what a Jeep can tame. Who said Fabulous is 5-star roads and similarly starred accommodation?! The Jeep Wrangler manages the trip to Mpumalanga with effortless abandon. Although heavy at first, the car grows on me as I take on the freeway towards the big park. I didn’t even have to buy new boots as this capable brute of a car seems determined to do all the dirty work while I sit nice and pretty ensconced inside the cabin. The interior is minimalist and functional, yet comfortable and easy on the eye. Everything in the right place and intimidation at bay for even the most novice off-road driver! I wish they make all cars like this! Fit for purpose!  

For a more detailed look at what drives this brute, check out the specs at your nearest dealer. Suffice to say that my drive in the Kruger was a breeze. Got to my spa session at the Summefields Spa without breaking a sweat, even with the treacherous driveway in heavy rain, downhill!! I love what this Jeep can do and how it makes me feel while doing it! Wish I can say that I am an expert off-roader but the Jeep Wrangler accounts for 99% of the effort. If you need to go off the beaten track, this car is one to consider and I can attest to that. Mud, rain, rugged terrain and surprisingly on-road performance made easy! Can’t wait to see what its more upmarket and older sibling feels like if this brute is THIS good! 

Pros – fuel economy, comfort, easy to drive
Cons – boot space, dated look




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