Review: Kia Optima by TBM

A true test of a good car for a Fabulous Woman is looks, driveability, the wow-factor, the comfortable interior and performance. The KIA Optima scores well on all these and more. This is arguably KIA’s best kept secret and I would suggest rivals the best that Germany or Japan has to offer at a fraction of the price! The car looks stunning and, if you can get past your own vanity and the badge, this is by far the most enjoyable mid-sized saloon I have driven in a while.


Most of the optional extras in Germany come standard in South East Asia and that counts for a lot in this economy. I find it hard to fault this car in terms of looks, drive, features and overall performance. The cabin is quiet and well-appointed with superior finishes. My test car comes with Satellite navigation and keyless Start. The engine cuts off when the car is stationary and unnervingly wakes up with a gentle dab of the accelerator. It seems I have died and gone to German heaven sans the heavy price tag! Easy on the eye, beautiful to drive, quiet and well-appointed interior and a lower price tag, it is hard to find something in this size that is as pleasing as a KIA Optima.

It goes about its elegance quietly without drawing too much attention. Pity that the badge will, for the uninitiated at least, drive people from buying this wonderful piece of engineering. Gone are the days when South East Asia sold what seems like rejects of German design. I am mightily impressed with everything this car has to offer. Absolutely fabulous for a young executive, especially considering that you don’t have to do much except look good and just drive!

Pros – beautiful design, well-appointed interior, full-house
Cons – the KIA badge (to the uninitiated)





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