Review: Kia Rio by TBM

Dynamite comes in small packages! The KIA Rio is such dynamite. With a fresh look, the car has a solidly built and beautifully laid out dashboard with quality plastics and fabrics, and a stylish digital display the Rio is a pleasure to drive. Outside it is a stunner too!! The colour of my test car is a bronze orange with mag wheels perfectly matched to the car. I could almost lift it up for display on a mantel piece in my dining room.

The drive on the KIA Rio is sublime and does not have the small car feel that you’d expect. I feel like taking on any car on the road and am shaken back into reality by the wheezing by of faster bigger cars on either side of me. I don’t bother with manuals in any car in order to test the true driveability of any car we test. As I pull off on my first drive, I wish I had this car as my first car when I started working or, for the lucky ones, I wish my parents had given this car to me on my 21st birthday. Being long on the tooth and 21 being ages ago, I would have been confined to a Citi Golf, Mazda Midge or Ford Fiesta. This is a far cry from my trusty old Ford Laser I had as a first car. This car is real class and is a fabulous first car for a young driver without the burden of history towards German, Japanese or American small cars for the first time driver or runabout for a lady who appreciates class, beauty and value for money.



My car was a bit thirsty and my trip computer reported 12.5l/100km. But I have been known to have a heavy foot! Who wouldn’t be enthusiastic driving the pocket rocket! For a first time choice of a small car, the KIA offers a compelling value proposition. The styling is certainly amongst the best in class and is such a dream to drive! The KIA Rio makes me want to wind the clock back and buy it as my first time car. And that’s no mean feat!!

For the young fabulous woman, take a test drive in this car and you will be surprised at what it offers as a complete package! The new design rivals the best in its class and will set you apart from the crowd, if you dare to be different!

Pros – Fresh beautiful styling, packed with features, feels and drives like a bigger car
Cons – A tad thirsty on fuel    



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