Review: VW Beetle by TBM

The icon is back! The new VW Beetle is a far cry from its predecessors and represents a quantum leap for VW in this people’s car. I love the fact that it has kept its shape as this is the only thing that resembles the old VW Beetle. The lacquer finishes on the interior dashboard and side panels and satellite navigation on the digital display makes this bug a true driver’s car and what a pleasure it is to drive! Unlike the previous model, this rendition of the Beetle is unisex and does not come with the annoyingly girly flower of the predecessor.



The drive is much more improved, with more grunt and is much quieter that all the previous Beetles I have driven before. It is bigger inside too as I could fit my much taller companion at the back without too much complaining from all passengers. It is a head turner too to boot! Red is not my favourite colour but the red Beetle I tested was impressive and I fell in love with the colour and the wheels. Besides looks, the car drives better than all the Beetles that come before and is much more solid in built. As an image publication, looks are more important than specifications and we’ll leave that to the sales people although you would not hear a word they say because the car is “oh so beautiful!”

For a trendsetting young fabulous woman, bring on the slacks, crisp white shirt, a jersey around your neck and killer shades, you are ready to rock the road! For a stylish arrival to any party or workplace, you will be hard-pressed to look past the VW Beetle for a stylish entrance anywhere and a perfect everyday car. By the way, the car has more boot space too (with full spare wheel) if that tickles or sways your decision!

Pros – Killer interior, quieter ride, luggage space and nimble performance
Cons – same shape as older models (if that’s a bad sign!)




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